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IGC Türkiye 2017

22 - 24 May 2017 •
Izmir • Turkey


23. Mai 2012 | Workshop II Internationale Projekte - 14.30 - 18.00 Uhr

Moderation: Prof. Dr. Ladislaus Rybach, ETH Zürich
Vortragssprache: Englisch
14.30 Use and Development of Geothermal Potentials in Central America
Dr. Eckehard Büscher, GtV-Bundesverband Geothermie
14.50 Technology-Transfer: Low-Temperature Prospects in Tanzania with Focus on the Nyasa Rift Basin
Dr. Michael Kraml, Geo-T
15.15 Geothermal Energy in Turkey - Potential and Project Development
Michael Würtele & Dr. Rolf Schiffer, GEO ConsEnS
15.40 Newberry EGS Demonstration, Oregon (USA) - Overview and Structural Analysis
Prof. Dr. Nicholas Davatzes, Temple University
16.00 - 16.30 Uhr     Pause
16.30 New Geothermal Developments in The Netherlands
Jan-Diederik van Wees, TNO-NITG
17.00 Recent Geothermal Projects within the Paris Basin
Frédérik Bugarel,  CFG-Services
17.30 Geothermal resources and geothermal energy use in Russia
Dr. Valentina Svalova,
Sergeev Institute of Environmental Geoscience Russian Academy of Sciences
18.00 Uhr  Ende